O.G. Enius – After Hours Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Where did the time go? Yeah
Where did the time go?
With a bad bi**h, getting my mind blown
With a bad bi**h, getting my mind blown
Racks in the air, racks in the air
And she just wanna dance, she just wanna dance
Go head and do that, no one can stop you
Go head and do that, no one can stop you, yeah yeah
That bi**h make a ni**a go insane yeah
Swear you got a ni**a wanna change yeah
For you, yeah
Just for you
Sipping that bourbon put me in my feelings, I just calling that 4AM, hoping you with it
I’m calling that 4AM hoping you pick up, I don’t give a f**k about blowing your s**t up, no
Better answer that phone when a real ni**a call, girl
Me and my ni**as still hit the same hoes, what a small world
Racks gonna make a bi**h do that, maybe that a*s lemme throw some
Both of us really gon go nuts, both of us really don’t give a f**k
No, it’s your life girl, it’s your right girl
Wanna be my lover like a Spice Girl
Once she get lit then she love me
If you off drugs, put it on me
If you off molly, put it on me
If you off coke, put it on me yeah
Then we right back where we started
I’m lonely and I’m thinking bout you
F**k it man, I’mma bust some moves
Where you at? No forreal, where you at? I’m coming through

(Verse 2)
She said ni**a I care for you
I just wanna dance for you
Gon do it baby, no one’s gon stop you
Now I catch you every time you wanna fall through
She just wanna cut, that’s a wall one
She don’t understand, it’s like I’m making the bank
Cause I’m dialing, dialing, dialing when I call you
She said she need to find herself, well s**t, I’m lost too, help me, I said you let if you let me
I could put you on your motherf**king features, like some Guiseppes
What a ni**a gotta do to get your a*s to twerk in my telly?
Shawty, how the f**k you good? F**ked you like DMX on belly
Kill the pu**y, other ni**as out to, Lord
Make you fake it til you make it shawty
But when you win can I take it shawty?
Remember when I f**ked you in the basement shawty?
Keep quiet, know my parents spazzing if they hear something, Lord