Moosh ft. Lil Uzi Vert & Twist – Stamina Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Moosh)
Boy I’m a problem, yeah I’m a killer
Got me the beamer, straight from the dealer
Stacking my money, straight to the ceiling
Looking like, cause I gotta feeling
You ain’t in the club like that
You ain’t got a plug like that
Been around the way, saying you a scrub like that
They don’t show you love like that, yeah
Got a little fame, what it taste like?
Man I’m headed overseas on a straight flight
Man I gotta go for blood like a great white
Till my grandmother see me on Late Night, yeah
Gotta overdo it, gotta flow into it
Gotta pick it up, gotta do it, gotta show me love
Yeah, yeah…into it when I’m going through it
Man I owe it to her, god damn
I guess I’m a monster, lately I’m crazy
I started a wave, they cannot replace me
I pray to my god, and hope that he save me
I spoil my girl, and take care my babies
It’s M double-O, don’t you ever mistake me
Now bring in the bottles, cause we getting faded

(Chorus – Twist)
Aw yeah
We got the stamina yeah, we got the stamina yeah
Aw yeah
Pull out your camera yeah, pull out the camera yeah
Aw yeah
Shooting like, shooting like….yeah
Aw yeah
We got the stamina yeah, we never scrambling yeah
Aw yeah
We got the stamina yeah, we got the stamina yeah
Aw yeah
We got the stamina yeah, we got the stamina yeah
Aw yeah
Who got the stamina yeah, who got the stamina yeah
Aw yeah
We got the stamina yeah, we got the stamina yeah

(Verse 2 – Twist)
I be in New York, I feel like a mobster
24 Karat gold all in my mouth bi**h I feel like a monster
I feel like Mufasa, I feel like they father
If you call my daddy then girl we just mudded I’m making a daughter yeah
I be in a place like that, I been tryna bang with a bass like that
Aw yeah, body and a face like that, gotta find out if it taste like that
Aw yeah
Do it like all night
Everything ain’t really gotta be alright
I’m at a club with the crew like ball life
I ain’t gon stop till my team shine all bright
Got plans homie, I’m the man, gotta understand
We’re the fam, we been going ham, got her in the van
With the Vans, I been going in, got her in a jam
Aw man, lemme go again, trip another Xan
God damn what you know about that s**t?
I bet the money go and make her do a backflip
I rep Philly, I don’t even need practice
I, you are like Patrick, I been like yeah
I don’t mess with you at all, homie
Sing and I rap, I can do it all homie
All I see is fake OCDs but I’m a G
I ain’t run around….my homie
I be like, oh my god
I’ma go hard, I be just so damn high
I’m in the backseat writing my ass off
I can’t sit homie that’s why I’m so damn fly
It’s like that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Lil Uzi Vert)
Got rid of my old b*tch quick, cause to me she got too boring
Rolex…on wrist, all cause my diamonds be foreign
And when it come to these chicks, I swear my list be retarded
I ran through Ashley, I ran through Jessica, Sarah cuh, I ran through Katie and Lauren etcetera
I live my life till no stamina
I f*** your bi**h like a animal
She eat me out like some Danimals
She kinda make me go crazy, I eat her out like a cannibal
I swear that
I just be geeking off edibles
I might record her, I might record her
No I don’t need her, yes I do need her
I wanna leave her, no I won’t leave her
Aaliyah, baby I
Baby you…I can not see the hit
Jump in the Rari, it is a two-seat
You and your sister, that is a 3-piece

(Repeat Chorus)