Jim Jones ft. A$AP Ferg – Harlem Lyrics

Keep asking me where the f**k I’ve been
F**k is you the feds?
I’m around ni**a, I’m a project ni**a, made millions
Still riding around foreign cars smoking gas
Ni**as acting like Cristal went out of style ni**a
Money in it, go

(Verse 1 – Jim Jones)
Same kid from the projects, 5H
Just flew by in the i8
Still do it for them ni**as that buy weight
Used to get bricks off my face
And it feels like yesterday
We was in grandma’s kitchen chefin yay
The fiends went crazy when they got a taste
I flip a 62 then I copped an eighth
Is the bricks is the question
If the bricks is good I can stretch em
But the game a lil different right now
Cause the young ni**as running round juug and finessing
S**t, like good is a blessing
Four bad bi**hes that’s good in my section
S**t I got one night in town
Fore the sun comes up I be on to the next one

(Chorus – Jim Jones & A$AP Ferg)
I f**ked your bi**h in some Jordan flip flops
45k make the Aude tic-tock
Cutting up bricks, putting raw in ziplocks
You in the game? Gotta score the big shots
I f**ked your bi**h in Adidas flip flops
45k yeah to heat up your block
Up in your chick, Netflix on the couch
Controlling my hand with my d**k in her mouth

(Verse 2 – A$AP Ferg)
And I’m Harlem bout to do this everyday, aye
F**king on your bi**hes and you know I’m finna hate, aye
I don’t need a shovel, put that pu**y in a grave, aye
I’m on another level, you can see it in my face, aye
He be cuffing bi**hes like the case, aye
Oh, this ni**a a disgrace, aye
Need a new diamond brace
Send his ass to preacher Ma$e, aye
Oh Lord I’m finna f**k a bando
Swagging so hard, f**ked a grandma
Call my man up
Head in a Harlem coat camo
F**k around and pull a pink ranger
I am so mystical danger
F**k round and pistol will bang ya
Got more kick than Power Ranger

(Repeat Chorus)