Ninjaman Talks Gay Son “I Don’t Disown Him”

Ninjaman is making it clear that he has no relationship with his gay son. The dancehall deejay is also saying that he isn’t disowning his son either.

The dancehall legend sat down with Winford Williams last week where he opened up about the subject, as well as, a host of other topics including his beef with LA Lewis and other hot topics going on in dancehall including Miss Kitty and Yanique Barrett manufactured beef.

Ninjaman Distance Himself From Gay Son

“I segregate myself from everything that is wrong these days, so whatever can tarnish your career and all the media foolishness,” Ninjaman said. “That man is someone who is grown now … he is about 27 and he is not my responsibility anymore. My responsibility is to grow you up and make sure you go school.”

Ninjaman also hilariously made it clear that he and his son does not have the same blood.

“My blood is my blood and his blood is his blood so my blood is inside of me,” Ninjaman insist when asked if his son is not his own blood.

The entire interview is hilarious watch it below.



  1. Right so basically he is dosowning his son. No matter what I couldn’t turn my back on my son or daughter no way no way.

  2. The religious far-right like to say about gay people “Love the sinner, hate the sin”.
    I say “Love the religious bigot, disagree with the religious bigotry”.