Vanessa Bling – Worst (Work Remix) Lyrics

Mi seh you a the Worst
Mi seh you a the worst
Me a nuh you girl
Nuh mix mi wid you germs dem
Why you a gwaan suh
Nuh meck mi meck you cry eye water

Bwoy you never worth it
Mi should a never meck you hurt mi
Remember seh you a mi toilet
Nuh meck mi bother advertise it

(Verse 1)
Mi have another man him like it
Him have a bigger better joystick
Money mi need mi nuh waan sufferation
Gimmi mi key fi mi car you a waste man
You mussi waan fi go sleep up a the station
Tomorrow mi have a show a Grand Cayman

A suh you waan fi deal wid people pickney
Waan fi have one bag a gyal
Every minute gyal a breed
When mi waan fi work cyaa sleep
But mi man a pick mi up in a the Jeep

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Before mi meck you hurt
Pack your clothe dem please
I want you to leave
Mi a go dash dem out pon the street
You naw get another chance to
I will never, will never respect you
Mi did know you did look mi best friend to
I know Aids will get to you
I know that you are just a fool
I know that your just a fool
Just walk away
It’s a good thing we never have a baby

(Repeat Chorus)