Royce Da 5’9″ – America Lyrics

I said America the beautiful
Land of free, home of brave
Everyone is born and raised to think like a dead man
When you alive you the lowest on the totem pole
And soon as you die then here goes this
Oh, now he heroic
Oh, now he the coldest
Oh, now it’s he had that talent and I didn’t know it
Man listen, being humble ain’t gon get you out your grave
You should treat your life the same way you thinking like and go and whip it like a slave

(Verse 1)
What the f**k is arrogant?
That’s the s**t they injecting into us Americans
How bout I think I was put here to push European whips
And so what if you don’t like, I thought you’d be inspired
By the way I whip it, way I whip it
Way I whip it, way I whip it
I whip it
Right past the pretenders, the men with no passion
Who think it’s possible to be past your potential like life has just ended
The spirit broken and so the wife and kids are born into only knowing the White Castle menu
While the richest born into white castles
Attending Bar Mitzvahs, the future of us ni**as is in syringes
We meant for the NFL, injure the NBA
Anyway, I take popping shots at ni**as over recieving posthumous props from ni**as any day
Maybe y’all just scared, lost in everybody saying not to floss so you go watch the Walking Dead
Yeah you and

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
What the f**k does humble mean?
Call me good at something I’ll say I’m good at a bunch of things
I feel my whole life my fire should be lit
I feel my wife’s pu**y wet each time she sees my d**k she get excited by the way I whip it, way I whip it, way I whip it
She likes the way I whip it
I whip it
Man look here, I’ve been anti-corporate since daddy told me
That they force me here against my will
Without no horses or some land
Of course they saying I’m supposed to just forget they throw the scrap at those that can distract with those endorsements
Closing doors and all of those who buy the clothes and shoes
And booze and albums
Hope you not expecting treatment by the book
From he who wants you to forget that you was brought over here by the boat
I don’t know why ni**as say they money funny when it’s low
Cause when you broke it’s not a joke
Talk that we can’t take s**t with us when we die s**t
You don’t leave behind s**t cause you died without s**t

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
If he’s hot, expose him, then
Roll on him, we can’t roll on him
Roll on his closest kin
That kind of behavior, I call that Ni**erdom, Ni**erdom
Mentally enslave them, taze them, then they go crazy
Uh, here they come
Everybody think a revolution coming
Wanna be involved in the riot
Everybody arguing out here, this how I feel
What in the Jiminy cracker corner f**k are we bickering for?
This s**t here is bigger than war
They sticking and sicken the sh*t in the food that the ni**a consume so it’s hidden in stores
Some s**t that can kill your fertility, damage your thinking
Limit your abilities, think about that now
The fact that y’all living is crazy cause alcoholism go black people tapping out quicker than Savion Glover
And we ain’t no avi on leathers
We dying each time that the Hennessy pours
Our plugs are the mothers on the other side of our umbilical cord
Can I talk my s**t? Y’all ni**as confidence dropping
Y’all letting people control y’all flow who don’t know how y’all clocks tick
I’m disgusted
Find the money if the money don’t fit
Do like me on this and find a different pocket
Only in America

Oh damn, I guess you is kinda talented
Make sure you don’t forget where you came from, boy
Always stay humble
Now why don’t you do that thing again with your tongue
You know that one thing when you go with it
Whip cracking sound