Blak Ryno – Lock Place (Alkaline City Counteraction) Lyrics

Dem couldn’t buss when time Gaza did a lock it down
Bwoy couldn’t find the key fi the city that did a mash him down
Have some respect fi the dead tell dem watch dem tongue
Dem fi know man a gangster, yeah!
A suh place run

Some a unuh fi go sleep
From daddy go a jail him left mi the key fi the creech
Come a fight bout key waan know unuh lock which street
Every baby a hype up now cause food start eat
A weh the bloodcleet
A man run around here
And a my style lock dancehall and mi know unuh hear

(Verse 1)
From daddy go a jail him left the key fi the daycare
Addi a the king a dancehall
Any other king hold a one beer
And a plastic chair
Never come see meck dem frighten suh
Meck a one bills and waan frighten you
We seh G-Seppi dawg
And marjello sneakers some different wear
Some different pace, yeah some different gears
From 08 gaza repping million years
Your million dem, plus dem million here
Could never match up to US in a million year

Dem just start fly fi free
Dem bwoy deh frighten, dem frighten hee
Frighten who? Cyaa frighten me
Naw go tell you wa you can do to me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Alright, yeah dem fear weh dem cyaa conker
And gwaan like dem nuh hear when dem cyaa answer
And gwaan like seh dem fierce when dem draw ganja
Bring dem in a the yard a real beef
Dawg dem cyaa tamper
Mi waan know a weh dem bad from
Somebody tell mi please a weh dem bad from
Come a gwaan like seh dem a badman
And nobody never yet see dem in a no action

(Repeat Chorus)