Jim Jones – Finesse ft. Rich Homie Quan, Desiigner & A$AP Ferg Lyrics

(Pre Chorus – A$AP Ferg)
Feeling good, man I’m feeling good
Finesse and then I juug
Feeling good, man I’m feeling good
Finesse and then I juug
In my hood, woke up in my hood
Ni**a I wish you would
Feeling good, man I’m feeling good
Finesse and then I juug

(Chorus – A$AP Ferg)
Finesse, finesse
Finesse, finesse
Finesse, finesse
Finesse, finesse
Finesse and then I juug

(Verse 1 – Jim Jones)
We got the bricks and the yay
We got that s**t you don’t weigh
We get them package of loud
I got that s**t from the Bay
I know some Crips in L.A
I know some Bloods out in Harlem
I got my bi**h on the way
She got a bi**h on the way
I got some ni**as, they put the clips in the K
I got some chicks in the A
You took a trip to Miami
You get a drop, you get that s**t for a day
I get that s**t cause I want it
I’m in that s**t getting blunted
I’m in that s**t doing me
Let your new bi**h get up on it
I do not care about warrants
I told my lawyer to steam it, any charges that they throw
I told my lawyer to clean it

(Verse 2 – Rich Homie Quan & A$AP Ferg)
I want the bricks and the commas
I want some more and some more
I got them bricks and the commas
I want galore and galore
I am not talking bout lyra
I fell in love with the mirror
Damages, look at my hair
I f**ked your bi**h in the leer
Twitter fingers in her rear
Make that pu**y disappear, yeah, yeah
I dropped a 4 in a 20 and Fanta
NYC all the way down to Atlanta
I rock your bi**h like a Gucci bandana
I’m feeling myself just like Tony Montana
I snort the caine, nah, Tony Montana
I got the mothaf**king gun
I got the hammer, I’ll put my d**k in your grandma
Don’t ask me why I call you son
I cannot f**k her, I’m focused on money
Focused on 20s and 50s and hundreds
Finessing the plug, we take off and we’re running
I can have a rich homie, you know that we stunting
I want that green so they calling me Kermit
Man that boo got me hot, man I feel like I’m burning
I beat that lil pu**y like Ike, call me Turner
So get that G string like I just pulled a permit

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Desiigner, A$AP Ferg & Jim Jones)
Real ni**a, f**k for real on the reg, ni**a
Drive em in, rolling 6s, Durant, ni**a
I fell in love with them killers, them ni**as, they dead ni**as
Feel it, come back on that alley, f**k with Durant, ni**a
Me and A$AP, Jimmy, Jimmy, that’s a head, ni**a
Feeling cleared up, kill a ni**a for some bread, ni**a
Ni**as talking, man I’m finna hit em with the lead, ni**a
Told him, kill him cause we heard him talking to the Feds, ni**a
Whole block full of Bloods, f**king with them red ni**as
Get caught when you come up short with the bread ni**as
We some head hitters
I’m that coke dealer
Getting more figures
You that broke ni**a
Must have called a ni**a G-Unit cause we guerrillas
Bi**hes wanna give me neck cause we getting more skrilla
And more skrilla, and more skrilla
F**king gold diggers, getting more bigger
Yeah we feeling good

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)