Aidonia – Piranha Lyrics

Let go the piranha
Brawling wid the chrome 4×4 revolver
Fat rubber grim meck the angle broader
Dawg man a squeeze pon the chigger likkle harder

Use finger play and run dem out faster
Chrome hammer kick, a mussi pull, a muss passa
4×4 caliber dem iron ball yah
The Govena a open yo head pon the plaza

(Verse 1)
Big tree shrub up some rifle weh maga
Badman nuh fraid a no crime stop caller
Badman nuh war wid no bwoy weh a talker
Bombohole dead from you diss…
Shoot up yo corner dash weh pot water
People a bwal a ask weh that call fah
Genna naw ramp start f**k yo fat daughter
And from a bare tough chat dem a offer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Let go the piranha
Zombie a walk wid the colish-nicarfa
Planting the clip
Then a clip nuh banana
Bruk down the back get the SK shorter
Buss mi gun sweet when the chigger likkle softer
And man nuh love party, man nuh flosser
Anytime when people see the piranha
Dem know somebody a drop and a go under
Badman nuh coward like big pu**y Sara
Badman buss head and meck it fly farer
Jung-list ready from Genna give the order
Wid some fresh irons off a the harbor
Bwoy get kidnap, tie up and torture
Melt up you skin pu**y wid the fire scorcher
Anyweh at all yow dawg
Broad day light nuh haffi wait till it darker

(Repeat Chorus)