Maxwell – Lake By The Ocean Lyrics

(Verse 1)
In the light of the sun
I was dazed, I was burned, I was lost
Deep in the storm of the grave
Had a bed as a coffin
You were only the one that made me fulfilled
Only the thing that made me reveal
My destiny was before the speech of the forest
Anything ain’t nothing, it’s just

It’s just you, just us
Nobody but love
On trust, on us, nobody but
Can we swim a lake by the ocean
We’ll be one like drops in slow motion
Lake by the ocean

(Verse 2)
Oh tell me the waves, why it waves
Why is drips like it drips and drops like because
Why do I live inside of you baby
Wanna be every part of you
It’s just, it’s just like, it’s just life
And we can be strong, we can wait, we can live oh so long
Living a flame that will never burn
No one will ever, ever return
You are reason I’m on ya, reason I want ya
You’re the thing I need cause it’s just

(Repeat Chorus)

All I see is us
Everything is love
Lake by the ocean
Sweet like the motion
Love is the medicine
I can heal us
All I see is love
All I want is love

(Repeat Chorus)