Fetty Wap – Zoovie Zoo Lyrics

Ayy, yeah baby
Ayy, yeah baby
Ayy, Zoovie, ayy

(Verse 1)
Bi**h it’s Zoovie Zoo
You gotta f**k with the kid
I am amazing with these hooks
That’s why I stay relevant
To anybody who don’t like me
Make sure your s**t platinum
Past gold 8 times
Now I might go diamond
Young ni**a from the hood
Got my whole camp shining
I do not skateboard
But my whole camp grinding
And I bought Monty a brand new i8
And I swear you should’ve seen the look on his face

I’m a smooth motherf**ker and you know it
Zoovie Zoo up in this show
I roll up the wood and I blow it

(Verse 2)
Remember bi**hes trying play me way back in the days
I got my money right, fresh shape up with the braids
I laid the Trap Queen
Them hoes was like He singin this sh**t
Or is it autotune or is he really singing this s**t?
They know the Zoo in every state
Ni**a’s eating heavy plates
17 and all great
ZooGang tatted on my face
RGF then Zoovie straight out my benji hit 120, ayy
Bi**h, I’m GHB come through sliding and throwing money, ayy
And I take my business real serious, ain’t nothing funny, ayy
Please do not hit up the Zoo, you ain’t got no money, ayy
Only time I do free s**t is for the homies and
Just cause you grew up with me don’t mean you know me
I remember when I was broke, she wasn’t on me
Now I’m up, call me big bank Wap, my money flowing
Bi**h do not get your ass in my car if we ain’t f**king
If you is, bi**h I hope you can cook, cornbread and stuffing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
My new Ferrari sick and it three-hundred and fifty-thousand
Gas not the chickens
Man just keep that s**t from round me
I don’t need a kitchen, man
Pack Karate Kicking man
Bi**h love when we kicking it
I love when she licking it
Ohh, your, ohh your bi**h so nasty
She s**k me something different
With you she acting classy
Ain’t never let you getting lip
With Zoovie, she get ratchet
We get in this business
She tell you to take her to Casa
Don’t be late to come and get it
She tell me to hit it slow, then hit it fast, then hit it quick
She make you carry her bags
She know I’m not that type of ni**a
You driving a f**king Ford
My Rollie is four Chevy’s
My chain is an i8
I swear these ni**as not ready

Free stash s**t man
1738, ZooGod
Fetty Wap man
2016 you know how we rocking man
Free Guwop man
Free Guwop man

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah baby
Yeah baby
Yeah baby
Yeah baby
Is you singing this s**t
They like is this autotune or is he really singing this s**t
Zoovie up, my diamonds blinging this s**t
Autotune, I’m singing this s**t
I’m a smooth motherf**ker and you know it
I get the bands and you know it
Zoovie, Zoovie up and this the one
Yeah baby