Twin Of Twins – Everybody Fool Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Weh day mi coming from the country like Sugar Minott
And seh mi would a check a friend and talk why not
As mi reach a the door right before I knock
Mi hear dem a chat mi behind my back

Mi cyaa believe mi hears mi a tell you I shock
Dem a pree mi fi the lost five bills I got
But mi gi dem everyday and it wasn’t like that
Mi see everything plain like a damn pilot

Seh weh your everybody’s fool
Everybody’s kool
They got nothing to say
At the end of the day

Everybody’s kool
When your acting the fool
That’s when they love you
That’s when they love you

(Verse 2)
Mi tek up this gyal and her six pickney dem
The one shirt pon mi back mi would a risk it fi dem
A never just a land, mi buy a district gi dem
Now shi seh mi never buy a biscuit fi dem

Shi seh, me a the worst man shi ever talk to
The one time shi couldn’t have it how shi wanto
Proverb 9-13 done tell mi from mi born to seh when yo

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
The situation a mi workplace you nuh know the half
Man work hard fi years and nuh tek no day off
Was naive to how the world work that don’t pay off
As the one day mi tek sick the boss lay mi off
I hope these words of wisdom find you when you lost
Him heal the sick and turn water in a wine in a glass
Dem same one seh fi kill Christ and gi dem Barabas
A this Jesus sing when dem a nail him pon the cross

(Repeat Chorus)