Quick Cook – View My Life Lyrics

Mi naw go fi get
A suh the thing set
When one door open another one shut

More time mi feel fi select
When mi a step
No money naw meck and Mama sit down and a fret

See through my life
Whole heap a struggles mi go through in my life
Family a suffer lord Jesus Christ
Whole heap a struggles mi go through in my life

Mi know you heart would a pain you
If you ever sit down and view my life

(Verse 1)
Google it, type in Quick Cook and youtube my life
Mi nuh have no house in a the hill a meck
Work hard and still nuh have a mill a meck
Mommy seh how shi nuh get the oxtail dinner yet
More time mi try a likkle gambling suh bring a bet

Years man a suffer
Check ti out from when sting a meck
Years man in a the game
How me nuh be the winner yet
Dem nuh care bout ghetto youth
Dem nuh considerate
Dem just waan si wi stress out and smoke a bag a cigarette

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Life come with struggle
Suh you know a hustle wi a hustle hard
Think man a go get the opportunity and cruff hi
Pound a flour haffi go a mi yard
Even though the road dark
Journey seems tough
Mi a beg you don’t give up
Yow you nuh fi dawg
Too much a mi friend dem pick up strap
And end up go the morgue

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)