Charly Black – Everyday Is Mothers Day Lyrics

If a never fi mi mother me wouldn’t deh yah suh
Mi naw lie she never dash mi weh
Never deny mi
Me never, never, waan si mi mother cry
If you love your mother put yo hand in a the sky

Like me love my mother
God know if you diss my mother is like seh you diss me
Don’t dweet, happy mothers day

Every day is a mothers day
Happy mothers day
Mommy me love you

(Verse 1)
If mi mother seh shi waan something and mi cant give her right away
Mi nuh feel good
If no food nuh in a the kitchen or if the fridge empty
Mi cyaa feel good
A nough people lost dem mother true cancer
Mi know dem nuh feel good
But from mommy have health and strength
Jah know seh that’s real good
Mi nuh haffi wait pon the month of May
Fi meck my mother feel good
Always put a smile pon my mother face
Then shi tell mi seh she good

Jah protect my mother
She’s so special to me
If you love your mother
Sing this song with me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mother your love just cant compare star
You get big and a talk seh you hate her
That nuh good fo you and yo mother a war
You ungrateful that you a go pay for
Respect goes out to all mothers out there in the world
Rather you bring forth a bouncy little boy
Or a bouncy little girl
I sing this song for my mother
And every other mother some where
Charly Black a represent fi the good kids dem
And every other youth who care

(Repeat Chorus)