Hundred Waters ft. Robin Hannibal, Moses Sumney & Chance The Rapper- Show Me Love (Skrillex Remix) Lyrics

(Chorus – Hundred Waters)
Don’t let me show cruelty
Though I may make mistakes
Don’t let me show ugliness
Though I know I can hate
And don’t let me show evil
Though it might be all I take
Show me love
Show me love
Show me love

(Verse 1 – Moses Sumney)
I got a crick in my neck, limp in my step
Cramping in my muscles every time I try to flex
We’re broken
Not really in the right mindset to seem open, open
Never really been fine, rock a politician high
But you make me listen to your petition rise
Love, let’s get on
Baby I’ll show you love
It’s very sad, no more love
But if you throw me love, I’ll throw you some more

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Chance The Rapper)
Show me love when I pop out, when I pop out
City I always talk bout, what I rap bout
Show me love cause I love it, I love it
Only thing I could covet, in public
I just came to show love, you just glad I showed up
Boy, respect ya elder, I’m a f**king grownup
Bro’nem told me go nuts, bro’nem let me go numb
But no talking at dinner or today he gon go nuts
Shawty on the come up, I might share my bonus
Cases of Coronas, and molly, marijuana
I’ma face a whole dub, roses for my soldiers
Tell a hater to hold up, them ni**as gotta show love

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge – Hundred Waters)
I see you, you see me
Aliens hanging on, release me
Don’t let the feeling that I’m all alone deceive me
Just let me in and show me love

(Repeat Chorus)

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