Bobby Shmurder Says Authority Framed Him Because Of His Race

Bobby Shmurda is desperately pleading to be released from jail on bail pending his trial on several charges including drugs and guns.

The New York rapper is claiming that authorities targeted him and tried to frame him because he is black. In his new court documents filed by his attorney, Alex Spiro, Shmurda argued that he was targeted by cops for his anti-police lyrics.

“I was targeted because of my rap music. It’s crazy,” Bobby Shmurda said in a recent interview with Revolt.

He also told the court that the same officers that arrested him back in 204 previous harrassed him and his friends while they were just hanging, TMZ reported.

He also noted that the three NYPD officers who claimed that they found him with a gun in his hand in an apartment has a history of lying to the courts.

The rapper’s legal team wants access to the police disciplinary records because the cops were also the only eye witness to the incident.

Bobby Shmurda has been denied bail five times last year.