Vybz Kartel On Alkaline “He Is Just Another Copycat”

Vybz Kartel says that Alkaline is just another of his copycat who is jealous of his success.

Last week the Vendetta deejay stunned Kartel and Popcaan fans when he released a new diss track “City” aimed at the two former Gaza deejays.

Alkaline – City Lyrics [Vybz Kartel & Popcaan Diss]

Kartel, who is currently serving a life sentence for murder, is telling his people that Alkaline is just another new artist trying to take root in his own image.

“Alkaline is just another new artist trying to imitate Vybz Kartel to gain more success,” a rep for the incarcerated deejay told Urban Islandz. “What ever happened to originality. These young guys ain’t bringing anything new to dancehall musically. Addi bleach and him run go bleach to, Addi deejay about slackness and him run go do it and now him turn around trying to diss the deejay.”

Kartel’s rep also told us that he has no plans to release any diss songs aimed at Alkaline.

“A Vybz Kartel and Alkaline lyrical feud would only benefit one man, so it’s not worth the effort,” his rep said.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, has been behind bars since 2011 and has managed to stay relevant in dancehall despite his incarceration.

On another note, Alkaline had one of the biggest singles in dancehall last year “Champion Boy.”


  1. Alkaline don’t even write his own songs! How can he destroy anybody lyrically!?

  2. alkaline music is trash but at least him free and not in prison. better to be a copycat a road than an original in chains&prison.

  3. Vybz kartel murders alkaline head to head. Vybz has too much experience and wayyy too much intelligence!!!! The only reason this guy has such a big mouth is because Kartel is in prison. If the boss was out in the streets this image of alkaline wouldn’t even exist to this extent (his short career would’ve already been dead). Its funny how this kartel wannable trys to look like the teacha but when cerebral people really listen to their content u quickly find out they couldn’t be any more different. One Kartel album comes 1000 times harder than alkalines career.

    • Kartel is more’experience’ and ‘intelligent’ because he is a 40 year old man. Alkaline is 20 and still developing.

  4. Kartel is a major pillar of dancehall, he has a career full of reinvention, growth, hits, consistency, and impact. teacha is too lyrical, too versatile, too powerful, too bad. addi lyrics have that wow factor that boggles ur mind everytime you hear the witty/clever lines. worldboss’ structure, metaphors, construction, and wordplay is sometimes subtle but always insane!

    Alkaline is good but light years away from kartel, years of catching up to do. i personally think alkaline is the biggest fan of kartel of them all (because actions speak louder than words). kartel is a genius lyricist, entrepeneur and businessman, the total entertainment package.

    If you wanna compare kartel, better to compare him to one of the other pillars like aidonia, mavado, busy, sasco. A better rival for alkaline would be masicka, even though masicka has the wickeder lyrics. could even drop in govana.

    If alkaline got locked up right now, do you think he could run dancehall for the next 4+ years?!
    which other artist can yall realistically see doing that?

    • he can barley run it now so nope he wouldnt. ever since the start of the year alkaline been falling of more n more, his new tracks aint up to standards anymore. He uses alot more autotune then he needs plus in lots of the track he is off beat on parts. Worlboss all the way its not even a competition.

  5. Gazaaaaaaaaaaaa Speakssssssssssss Fi Ittttttttt Selfffffffffff
    Nooooo Otherrr CHatttt Backaaa Dattttttt

  6. I also gave yardie a thumbs up. so obvi I rep for kartel.

  7. Did Kartel rep told you guys about his appeal too?

  8. that hair is awful.

  9. Vendetta would destroy the Gaza in a lyrical all out war. Murderer bwoy cyan defeat Alka no day.

    • Beg to differ Vybz Kartel is the greatest lyricist in dancehall even when he is behind bars him can still destroy Alkaline. Am no hater Alkaline song shot but Kartel miles ahead of him lyrically.

      • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

        yes he is, kartel run dancehall and is the best.

      • Um Alkaline only have like 1 song that even sound good. He will never have hit after hit like Vybz. Even Shawn Storm would have done better way better than Alkaline. Like I said he is a little fossyhole bout him bleach eye please gimme a break.

    • you really haven’t listen to vybz kartel if thats your opinion lol..you dont know anything bout lyrical if u think alkaline is more lyrical

    • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

      gweh star, im cyaa defeat di worl bass

    • Yeah I can see you a drink mad puss piss. Tommy Lee Sparta was the one who originally came up with Vendett by the way. All these little flimsy boys are really copy cats.