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Alkaline Lock The ‘City’ … Dissing Popcaan & Vybz Kartel

Alkaline may just sparked the biggest feud in dancehall since Mavado and Vybz Kartel‘s Gully/Gaza era.

The Vendetta deejay did put us all on noticed that 2016 would be a game changing year for him and so far he has been out the gate running and taking all kinds of casualties with him including Popcaana and Vybz Kartel.

VIDEO: Alkaline – Champion Boy

The dancehall hitmaker just released a new gritty single “City” where he took a few shots at Popcaan and his former mentor Vybz Kartel.

While this would not be the first time the deejay is dissing Vybz Kartel, it is certainly enough to uproar the for Gaza boss massive fan base.

“Everybody vex over what mi never said / Them say mi should show more respect to the dead / Mi no understand what some other man a meds / But mi couldn’t just put no bubbles in a mi head,” Alkaline rhymes over a dancehall beat.

The single was produced by DJ Frass and will be featured on Alkaline debut album “New Level Unlocked” due sometime soon.

Vybz Kartel and Popcaan fans have launched an attack on social media against the “Champion Boy” deejay. Some are even urging Popcaan to retaliate.

Popcaan also has a diss track released back December rumored to be aimed at Alkaline.

Take a listen.

Do you think Popcaan should respond to Alkaline? Sound off in comments below.


  1. alkaline will never be as good as Tommy lee sparta. Vybz Kartel is in his own world

  2. popcaan doing song with drake and getting radio play on U.S. radio…Alka who kmt

  3. Garrison Lynch Mob Stinga

    Gun shot in a chest in a head and in a belly so popcaan did a listen to the stinger all this time………well kill the fish popcaan and do it quick caz portmore man nuh tek long fi get sick

  4. alka does not hv any lyrics of his own all he do is copy plus he’s calling vybz name to build ah hype…dats y kartel says hv yu eva seen a killer kill a shadow…

  5. G A Z A B L E S S

    Alkaline’s career is on a downhill slope that’s why he has to call out the biggest names in dancehall to build a hype. Alkaline did the new guy move. Lame.

  6. alka think he big but he is small, very small. Kartel a worl’ boss, everybody come to see him. Usain meet everybody from jay-z to kobe, even kendrick lamar come to JA and check him. popcaan link up wid ovo. Rihanna come down to Ja to see popcaan and kartel to ask if they could write a verse for work. Tell me, where does alkaline stand again?

  7. Alkaline is a little fossyhole him need to go scratch and release.

  8. biggup yuhself cause the song bad, but f**k you fi a diss di boss. and you have no room to reference anybody’s sexuality after your batty bizniss so hold several seats. dah one deh dont mek it, you are the last person to talk.

    no other dancehaller can get locked up for yeeeeeeeaaaars and still be as relevant or run the genre like teacha, its no accident or mistake that he is the top man.

    biggup dancehall and every talented dancehaller same way.

  9. Can anybody get along in dancehall? Geese.

  10. Popcaan bubbles bwoy respond to this now. Vendetta ago kill the whole a dem 2016.

  11. Alkaline will never be as good as Vybz Kartel. Song went hard still and yes Popcaan need to respond its a part of dancehall culture to defend yourself lyrically.