2 Chainz – Lotta Hoes Lyrics

You could tell by my clothes I got a lot of hoes
Plus I got a bankroll I got a lot of hoes
I Got a lot of hoes
A lot of hoes
A lot of hoes
A lot of hoes

(Verse 1)
They say my mind gone I’m in a different time zone
I count 100,000 dollars while I’m blindfold
I’m bout that guacamole no fronting coping only
Cop a Rollie, I get a lot cheese macaroni
Ya I’m back up on it bi**h I’m back up on it
And when I stand still she put her back up on it
You now I love rich, cause I’m hood rich
Your girl call me GD I got that good d**k
F**ked up, coupe big, polo stupid
Brown shirt, brown man, same color roof in
We used to shoot hoop and listen to that Snoop here
Bought a pack, brought it back, relaxed and recouped here
Ya this a new year and ya these some new shades
I don’t see none of y’all talking about some new J’s
This is that Prada, property, properly
When I hit Saks Fifth it looks like a robbery

(Repeat Chorus)