50 Cent To Produce & Host Variety Show On A&E

50 Cent will be back on TV with the variety series. The rap mogul has been seeing huge success with his TV series “Power” and now he is heading to A&E with his show titled “50 Cent Presents.”

50 Cent along with G-Unit Film & Television’s Stephen J. Savva will be the co-executive produced the show along with A&E’s head of programming Elaine Frontain Bryant, Brad Holcman and Sean Gottlieb.

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“I grew up watching variety shows and am excited to put my own spin on the format,” 50 Cent told The Hollywood Reporter. “I hope everyone is ready to bring their talent forward, I want to show the world the best of the best.”

The show that is currently being compared to “In Living Color” and will showcase celebrities, comedy, and music.

50 Cent also recently signed a new deal with Starz where he will develop new series for the network.