J Dilla – ft. Nas – The Sickness [New Music]

J Dilla dropped new track featuring Nas entitled “The Sickness,” produced by Madlib & J Dilla.

I got the MJ disease cause MCs wanna be me
If I spit anything it’s gonna be heat
Chamilladog a one of a kind ni**a
Killing em all with the rhymes, motherf**king son of a 9 ni**a
If I pull a chain out in the sun it’ll blind ni**as
First name that come to your mind when you think of hardcore
Taking cuts when to the front of the dime
I break em up, feel em, up and they firing, take em up
The city of G’s, the haters, and better
The switches and D’s, the haters and rudder
My ni**as running the streets, they ready J Dilla

J Dilla – ft. Nas – The Sickness Lyrics

Listen full track below.