Christopher Martin & Busy Signal – Steppin Lyrics

(Verse 1)
When wi touch the road nothing nuh clash
A-team pull up and h=the yazza dem a flash
Bush to the bone, pocket full a cash
When the gyal dem si wi all a dem a scream
Oh my God!

Drop cards, dem a fire gash
Deh pon the paper chases like a 100 meter dash
Step up pon the stage because the works dem haffi bash
A suh the cameras dem a flash

Me and my friends
Steppin, steppin, steppin

You know we and the ladies will be
Steppin, steppin, steppin

A seh the big yard crew will be
Steppin, steppin, steppin

You know a big deal business when we
Steppin, steppin, steppin

(Verse 2)
You hear the thing go suh wush, wush
Benz just passed
Pass in a dark glass
Music a blast
Nough girls waan have mi fi dem breakfast
If a nuh second or first, is a first class
Badmind and haters get embarrass
Step in a the future, some live in a the pass
When wi a step wi crush the snake under the grass
Chris Martin sing da hook yah fast

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
When wi touch the club wi change the scene
Put away the local cause tonight we spending green
Mix the Shawn Sawn yes wid the Hennessy
Have a tension we the gyal dem just a pree
24 inches and a very mi machine
Higher than the haters all the scheme weh dem a scheme
Dem a try fi stop the food but they can never come between
Some a follow we like we and it a family

(Repeat Chorus)