Paul Wall – Swangin’ In The Rain (Remix) ft. Z-Ro & Chamillionaire, Lil Keke, J-Dawg & Slim Thug Lyrics

(Chorus -Paul Wall)
Swang On, Swang On
Swang On, Swang On
Still swanging in the rain

(Paul Wall – Verse 1)
I can teach you class on how to ride glass
Drive slow even though time flies fast
Rest In Peace Chad and all my loved ones past
Broke the intersection off now it need a cast
Candy painted rain dripping off the panel
It’s tradition where we from they might not understand it
Handle with care them pokers take a po to manage
The way I swang so eloquently it’s rain dancing

(Slim Thug – Verse 2)
One deep cuz my ace caught a case
Free O.G. Sha free my ni**a King Dre
Trunk full of base had to put it in they face
Break them boys off glass 4s let um skate
Me and Paul pockets been tall since we was small
Can still make ya boppa go A-WALL if we call
F**k the laws no pause at the stop signs
Got your broad no drawers with the top down

(Repeat Chorus)

(J-Dawg – Verse 3)
This mo than swangas lil homie this here a way of life
My first love was the slab before I knew my wife
The 89 cut dog on them super pokes
No paint 4s clanking can’t hear em though
Trunk banging too hard like a set tripper, bang
17 worked the grain like a vet ni**a
When Hurricane Rita came they evacuated
While we was swanging in the rain on that Robert Davis
Rest In Peace homie

(Lil Keke – Verse 4)
Look at the sky it’s bout to cry
I see the tears falling
We full of mud it’s bout to flood homie we still crawling
I’m still balling
It’s still raining
Rag like a new trench coat homie I keep swanging
Them haters missing
Them 4s whistling
Hit the garage and kill boys when it start drizzling
Instagram in motion
He back at it
Come see the rain hit it
Take a picture snapchat it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Z-Ro – Verse 5)
It ain’t gotta be raining for me to swang homie
I roll alone cuz all of my homies changed on me
Rubber bands go flat I rather swang lane to lane homie
Wish a jacker would I keep that open up your brain on me
Lane over the front bumper you can read me coming
Trunk knocking so hard you hear me before you even see me coming
In case you didn’t know it’s
Candy paint so wet just keep yo muthaf**king hands off

(Chamillionaire – Verse 6)
I’m about to pull outside and let them swangas entertain
Back to back behind me looking like a candy train
When she saw them 4s
She was bout to scream
Is that your lady?
I hope that ain’t yo’ Queen
Cuz you already know how it’s going to go when I grip grain
Pull up in them thangs and now your girl forgot your name
Yeah I’m super throwed
Yeah I’m super clean
It may sound crazy as we sit back and lean in the rain

Still Out here Rolling
Still Out here Rolling in the rain
Still Out here Rolling
Still Out here Rolling in the rain

(Paul Wall)
Still Swanging in the Rain