Chief Keef – Traumatized Lyrics

F**k boy said he want beef, slide
His ass gon be traumatized
I’mma be feeling sorry momma wise
Cause I can’t trust ni**as, I got a lot of eyes
Gun go bang bang, money machine go beep
Car go skr skr, cock go skeet skeet
Credit card go swipe swipe, watch my watch bling bling
On that road runner sh*t, meep meep

(Verse 1)
You ain’t smoking dope, your weed got plenty seeds in it
I’m rolling around the town with this and glizzy meeting
Glo Gang b*tch, you know that we go plenty weed men
Fifteen thots in this car like I got plenty seats in
Fourteen hundred for this belt, f*** with no more damn Fendi beatings
And I don’t have any reasons
Seventeen shots in this 45, 50 in the Glock, hundred in the chop
Let’s see how many kills we can get, Black Ops
Bi**h I’m so dope that I’m gon kill that s**t, crack rock
Ni**as stay sneak dissing, we gon start throwing bullets like rocks
I ain’t s**t when I ain’t have s**t, couple grand on some kicks
Never touched fifty thousand dollars before that’s why I’m playing with it

(Repeat Chorus)