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Denzel Curry – Knotty Head (Remix) [New Music]

Denzel Curry dropped new remix track with Rick Ross “Knotty Head,” produced by FNZ & Ronny J.

Hair is nappy, knotty
F**k karate, I got my a shotty
Jumping in the door, kamikaze
Origami if the neighbors saw me
But I’m on four, oh no
That’s how the young boy’s ass got smoked
But they got jacked like MK4
Sub-zero, put a ni**a I’m so iced out
This the price I gotta pay because I wanna be iced out
Have them looking at my face as they telling me lights out
Sleep is the cousin of death
211’s broad day, I had to live a life of crime

Denzel Curry – Knotty Head (Remix) Lyrics

Listen track below.