Trouble ft. Fetty Wap – Anyway / Everyday Lyrics

I can’t hold my s**t back, I make that cake
I might get my d**k s**ked and watch the game
Thinking bout that ni**a, locked in that cage
Bi**h I get my neck in this s**t, deep in the game
F**k around and get wet out that bi**h
Watch where ya hang
Anyway all day like everyday yeah
Anyway all day like everyday yeah
Anyway all day like everyday yeah
Anyway all day like everyday

(Verse 1 – Trouble)
Thinking that school in Jamaica my prison
Call a lil bi**h out to serenade
Man that little bi**h is so irritating
She calling my phone, she so irritating
She can’t save her ex, she can’t
I bring him every but cabanas
I like to bang on MC hammer
Man these some pretty little dancers
My family just life in the streets and the beat man
I’m sewn with the hunnids
Told em it’s how do you handle the s**t
You lie like I eat in the phantom
No wonder when a ni**a getting you s**t
You treat a ni**a like a summer
Bout to play it for the long one
With that s**t that’s on my mama

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Fetty Wap)
Ni**as is bi**hes, I notice
I’ma pull up in a Lotus
I get this money, you notice
I swerve on ni**as on purpose
32 magazine, baby
40 cap with the beam, baby
Black I and its clean, baby
I live a young ni**a dream, baby
Fetty Wap, I’m with Trouble Trouble
I need the money, need it on the double
I just dropped 200 in Vegas, ayy
These bi**hes, they know how I’m playing, ayy
These ni**as, they ain’t know I ain’t playing, ayy
My ni**as’ll row where you stay at, ayy
My boat from the zoo, we don’t play that, ayy
We pull out those guns and spray that, down
We want that cash, we need it now, ayy
Bi**h I’m Zoovier Zoo, I hold it down, ayy
If you want that war, we want it now
Ni**as kicking in your door, don’t make a sound, wow

(Repeat Chorus)