Tommy Lee Sparta – Get Money Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Dem a watch man and nough a dem a pree
Dem a knockoff wi style a try fi diss we
Dem fool deh nuh know nothing bout badness
A wa do some likkle bwoy a talk bout the baddest
Gyko looking bwoy control you ego
You nuh waan mi f**k introduce you to evil
Never kill nobody from you bloodclaat born
Much less fi kill man in a you bloodclaat song

Salute nuh shy, listen mi a lead
Straight to f**king hell
Some bwoy dem a pree
Dem wi feel off a laugh
But I shall prevail
And walk through the storm of the loneliness
And never was complain
I was born in the ghetto
And raise in the ghetto
And learn to hold on strain

So do what you got to do
In the middle ammo do what I got to do
A nuh nothing like me, a nuh nothing like you
Dem likkle bwoy deh cyaa walk a manly man shoes

Hate if you wanna hate
You can never take the food off my plate
Ammo make that money, mi a go make bare money
Big up every hustler waan make bare money

(Verse 2)
Man a focus pon the dollar
But some likkle bwoy dem need fi chill
And take it easy
Knock off mi style
But you never be me
None a dem bwoy deh cyaa study my state a mind
Big up every youth weh hustle all the time
24 hour wi seh up pon the grime
And if you violate wi put it all pon the line

(Repeat Chorus)