Tifa – My Boo Lyrics

3,000 miles away I love you much harder
Cause when you far away I miss you much more
And when am close to you there ain’t nothing greater
You are my all, my everything that’s for sure

My boo, my boo, my baby
Heart beat my buddom, buddom
You drive this yah gyal yah so crazy
Sweep weh mi heart like seh use a broom

My boo, my boo, my baby
Your love is everything
So I thought would be a lady
Cyaa wait till you put on the ring

(Verse 1)
Gyal a watch, gyal a chat
Naw watch that
You a done my man and mi naw look back
You gimmi the loving and mi spend all you cash
All a who nuh like it cyaa sit down round a back
Bye, bye, haters
Buff and begone
We weathered many storms
Bwoy over the years now
All dem ups and downs
That’s ain’t nothing new
But through it all we sort it out some way, some how
Love conkers all the statement
Couldn’t be more true

(Repeat Chorus 2X)