Towkio – ft. Vic Mensa – G W M Lyrics

I said pull up, flex
Squad got next
Eyes on us?
You can place your bets
We going straight to the lean
Molly and the lean
Lean, lean, lean
Molly, molly, molly
Don’t get out of body

Ooo I got gang with me
Whole gang with me
I got squad with me
Whole gang with me
Got gang with me
I said gang with me

(Verse 1 – Towkio)
I been outta body
Tripping off some molly
Or some DMT
Seeing things different to the point
I don’t know no more
Hot, cold, Alaska
Don’t do it, cause I wanna do it
Cause I have to do it
I don’t even know how I manage

Ooo I got Vic with me
That mean Ye with me
That mean Jay with me
Kim K with me
Beyoncé with me
Team too strong
Don’t play with me
I pull up at the party
Never say sorry
Y’all know me, MVP

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Vic Mensa)
I got gang with me
That mean Jay with me
Yonce with me
Just Blaze with me
Save Money, got Kene with me
Ni**a f**k Spike Lee
City notorious for ni**as getting shot
It’s not a movie scene
Do it big I got Faith with me, oh
That mean Puff with me
Ni**a don’t get tough with me
Like Sam Cassell
It get ugly with me
She do drugs with me
MDMA and the moonrock Yeezys
Save Money
She gonna do it for the freebie
Molly and the lean bi**h

(Verse 3 – Towkio)
And I’m with gang
So please be easy
I do it for my city
Do it cause they need me
Sitting here I’m like
Feed me, feed me
I gotta make sure that everybody eating
At the plate, it’s squad on deck
By my side like an armrest
I can’t hold them back
It get out of hand
I’m trying to f**k hoes
I need real sisters
I think I’m Bill Withers, whoa
Got that lean on me
Crack a seal with you
I don’t want to chill with you though
Cause I’m cool and thugging
In the same denim
Ain’t s**t changed
But the change in em
Know he brought the gang with him

(Repeat Chorus)