Bobbi Kristina Autopsy Reveals Cause Of Death Drugs & Alcohol

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s autopsy has been released to the media and it revealed that her cause of death is a combination of drowning, cocaine use and alcohol intoxication.

Yesterday a judge ordered that the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s testing be released. TMZ got a copy of the reported and which revealed that she died from “Immersion of face in water complicating mixed drug intoxication.”

A combination of drugs were also found in her system including marijuana, benzodiazepines, a prescription anti-anxiety medication, and a cocaine related substance name benzoylecgonine.

But the full cause of death listed on the report is encephalopathy and pneumonia. The report also says that her lung was filled with water and she also had severe brain damage.

The autopsy report for Bobbi Kristina had been sealed due to the ongoing investigation of her boyfriend/brother Nick Gordon. But a judge ordered it to be released after WXIA argued its First Amendment rights in court.

Bobbi Kristina estate is also suing Nick Gordon for wrongful death. The big question now is what does the autopsy mean for his fate?

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