BOBBi KRISTINA .. Nick Gordon Killed Her With Toxi Mix Of Drug Says Her Estate

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate is taking the fight to her brother/ex-boyfriend Nick Gordon claiming that he gave her a toxic mixtures of drugs that ultimately sent her into a coma in January of this year.

TMZ reported that her estate just filed new legal documents claiming that she got into a violent fight with Nick Gordon where he injected the toxic drug into her blood.

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Nick is calling the whole thing BS. He says that her estate is just trying to convict him in the public eye before any charges or trial for him. He also wants the judge to dismiss a $40 million wrongful death lawsuit the estate filed against him.

Bobbi Kristina cause of death is also being withheld by the Fulton County Medical Examiner due to the ongoing police investigation.

The estate is saying that the lethal drug mixture is what ultimately lead to her death.