Stein – Weed Weh Mi Bun Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi build up waan bombocl*** spliff
Weh the Gaad and a canon hi nuh
Spliff suh big you cyaa hold it wid one hand hi nuh
Mi haffi get highlight the nine cletter
Mi nuh burn bush weed, high grade I prefer
The cush just a kick out mi brian
Suh the redoring grabber hotter than volcano
Mi spliff drop, mi pull it up like song pon the radio
Build it up again, get high like plane suh

The weed weh mi burn put mi above level
Mi body deh a earth, but mi mind deh a heaven
Jah know mi haffi take a break
F**k up some food, then mi sleep, then mi wake

And light it again
Put the high grade pon my lip again
Smoke block up mi lungs and my liver dem
Weed juck up mi brain like icepick again

(Verse 2)
Roll up another one like chicken wire
Da one yah bigger than two trackter tire
Yaardy weed a mi brain amplifier
Venus and Mars done know seh mi higher
In a space mi a puff the smoke
Youth don’t touch the crack that nuh fi smoke
A the OG cush
Meck mi brain higher than Kepler telescope

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
The purple skunk meck mi eye redder than a brake light
See the challis deh youth you nuh fi fraid a it
Cut up the weed wid a big rambo knife
Mi a smoke from in a the night, now a daylight
Mix the Kiki wid the phantom
Da mixture deh buss in a mi brain like a hand gun
Grabber haffi hot like acid nuh random
Meck mi face look like somewhere weh hamburger bomb down

(Repeat Chorus 2X)