Aidonia – Dark Clouds Lyrics

When some pu**y hole a chat wi tell dem
Talk loud
When mi hold some bwoy a road
Mi buss mi gun in a dem face
And call down dark clouds
All 14 lord evil

(Verse 1)
Stand up and burst dem head
Mi nuh squeeze and run
4×4 spinners and wheel and turn
One mad step man a dweet and done
Bomboclaat, hot up the scheme and done
And mi nuh haffi fross off a weed and rum
Nuh haffi step wid no man
Wi no 3 long gun
Lord evil nuh demon come
You a gyal like pu**y when period come
Yow you a chat tough bout gun
Mi a wait, gwaan nuh go fi it and come
We you know bout take license gun off a bwoy
And dig off the serial num
Big gun paw mi belly and a take on the street
And mi nuh see police and bom
Hold dem anywhere, in a dem empty mi gun
Dem a bwal a seh Jesus

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Rifle walk
Send fi Mobay and fi go kill dem
A sting dem
Dem bwoy deh love sit down pon block like gyal
Chit chat
And a chat, chat, send fi mi gun
And full up the 17 clip wid fat shot
Loaded rampack
Hammer get rock back
Chigger get squeeze, yow that snap
Rat trap
Hot nox burn up yo skin that black, black
Nine ball through eye ball
Head top pop
Get you location, catch you pon snap chat
Bone bruk a bine dem
Dem bone bruk crack, crack
Funeral time, close casket, lock box
Mama in a black top match with black frock
Weep and weak, and a bwal, and a drop, drop
Mi nuh shot bwoy fi dem bwal fi go doctor
Bwoy haffi dead when the gun go suh bap, bap
Bap, a funeral fi dem
The nuh that

(Repeat Chorus)