Reggae Legend Luciano Son Murdered

Reggae legend Luciano is mourning the death of his son. Sources are telling us that the singer’s son was stabbed to death by three men.

Law enforcement sources confirmed that Menelik McClymont, 19, was killed on February 27 along Maths Unlimited in Parkington Plaza, Kingston 10 during a dispute with three men.

Luciano also confirmed the incident saying that his son was on his way to school when three men ambushed him. He was rushed to the Kingston Public hospital when he succumb to his injury.

The reggae singer is appealing to anyone with information about the killers to come forward and report it to the police.

Luciano was recently nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.



  1. Not saying luciano is one of them, but its surprising how these jamaican entertainers preach ” informer fi dead ” yet when the tables turn, they want the same people to become informers.

  2. I met Luciano in Canada. He was the sweetest man. With so much love and light in his eyes. I truly wish this didn’t have to happen to him :( wiping away his humble smile. His son didn’t deserve it and he shouldn’t have had to lose a son so young in such a cruel way. Luciano please don’t lose hope :( God is with you and your family . Rip