M.I.A. – Boom ADD Lyrics

It’s NFL vs. M.I.A. right now
1. They’re suing you for damaging their fantastic reputation by flipping the bird
The other part, they wanted to reserve the right to sue you later to make you pay for any damages they had
If they come after you, they can only come after you for half of your income over five hundred thousand dollars per year or all of your income over five million dollars per year
So far,

(Verse 1)
Brown girl, brown girl
Turn your s**t down
You know America don’t wanna hear your sound
Boom boom jungle music
Go back to India
With your crazy s**t, you’re bombing up the area
Looking through your Instagram
Looking for a pentagram
All I see is poor people, they should be on ghetto-gram
You don’t get our underground
Brofist or overground fist pump
Eat ham, or even throw your d**k around
Yeah you try to stick around
Do you do you bikram?
Let you into Super Bowl, you tried to steal Madonna’s crown
What the f**k you on about?
Think about goin to France, quelle heure est-il
This ain’t time for your terror dance
Eat, pray, love
Spend time in the Ashram
Or I’ll drone you
Kony 2012
Now scram!

(Refrain 3X)
Boom shakalaka
Boom boom shakalaka
Boom boom shakalaka
Boom boom shakalaka

(Verse 2)
American tech outsourced to my city
Made by a hippie, yeah it’s f**king trippy
Beatles in the 60s, Timbaland and Missy
Software, underwear, bootlegs in my factory
Hands so rough but nimble like a pixy
Travel like a gypsy, made it so chicksy
This is how we made it to American history
It’s not written but we print it in our country
Billions of brown people staying unlisted
Yeah we get on Twitter and we would just crash it
Jesus went to India, Steve Jobs went to India
Now when you see me you say
What the f**k’s a

(Repeat Refrain)

(Bridge x2)
We still in the game
We chill on em…this is drugs for the pain
We check on it
Roll on it, roll on it, s**kas been in the game

(Repeat Refrain)

(Outro 2X)
Cause I’ve got a reputation