Bounty Killer – Nuh Wah Know Lyrics

Nuh carry no news to mi
Politician dem cyaa choose fi mi
Dem look confuse to mi
A time dem bwoy get use to mi

Nuh tell mi how you rich caw mi nuh waan know
Nuh tell mi who a switch caw mi nuh waan know
Caw man fi stay straight like cornrow
Dem a mash up the country Jah know

How the country a run a that mi waan know
Dem buy so much gun that mi waan know
Why you stop the people fun a that mi waan know
How the Garrison a run that mi waan know

(Verse 1)
Nothing naw gwaan make a change
Unuh go in a the Garrison and left a change
Not even Mongrel dog unuh left a mange
Look how much innocent family unuh separate
Innocent youth blood a decorate
Look how much ghetto youth inna jail nuh catch a case
Wi fi nam placka-placka rice in a plate
While you c**k up in a couch and a nam stake

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
House a parliament, unuh listen mi argument
The money dem gi wi a week time cant even pay the rent
Now tax it left a dent
Nuh mention the current
Wi bridge it and take it off
Then police come correl the endz
Dem stock market a melt
So where’s the f**king help
Give thanks fi mi talent
Got couple hits under mi belt
Dem class wi as the poor and fi dem category a wealth
Dem diseases dem create a f**k up wi health

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)