Christopher Martin – One Life Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Private jets
Mansion in Malibu
Super model movie star girlfriend

Over half a billion US in the bank
What a life nice, if him did still have life

No money, no girl, no mansion in the sky
Barely has enough to barely get by
But the difference is clear
And everybody can see
Life a the greatest asset
And Jah-Jah give we that free

You cyaa buy life no
So the poorest man with life is richer than you
Life, but we all have one
Nuh meck money meck you think you have two

A one alone, a one alone mi know bout
A one alone, one life alone mi know bout

A one alone, a one alone mi know bout
One life alone, a one alone mi know bout

(Verse 2)
Some a dem gwaan like a dem alone fi up in a the cloud
True dem a buy champagne and we naw buy none
A the red pon the bottom a dem shoes a fool dem
Or the ride weh dem have in a the parking lot
But vanity a supn weh you can lose like that
But life, so many mysteries in this life
Life, today for you, tomorrow for me
That’s right in life
A the greatest thing no money can bring back life

(Repeat Chorus)