Ishawna – Social Media Hot Lyrics

After mi nuh give a damn
If a selector waan play my song
Mi rate all a mi fans
Pon snapchat, facebook and instagram
Big up social media
A it help put mi weh mi deh
Mi naw look no bly nor support from no hypocrite like Nicki-Z

(Verse 1)
Twitter have a hundred million people
You think you a God fi music wi nuh need you
Over sixteen months run off
You still a carry belly like a alien breed you

You nuh see you ego a mislead you
Mi fanbase turn up, pu**y mi a lead you
Mi apartment buy, every week mi a fly
Cama still a beat you

Mi a tell some artist
Fi nuh draw mi tongue
Are dem haffi bring the army come
Mi can be a bi**h, unuh try calm mi down
Mi naw tek diss and go laydown

How fi full national stadium
But some know it all have the business a tear down
Mi see how the business a run
Some bwoy waan stop mi income
Dem too bright, music nuh stop a limelight
A the big picture dem a lose sight
Dem never yet buy a song off itunes
But dem carry mi name go to every website

Dem never build this over night
Seh dem hot and cyaa boil a pound a rice
Big up Rodney Price you a legend fi life
Nuh haffi compete wid a guy

After mi nuh give a damn
Mi bank book still a carry couple million
Mi fans dem loyal to mi like Christian to religion
Big up all a mi fans dem
From Kingston to Mobay
A that’s why mi tell badmind seh a bay

(Verse 2)
Dem a nuh W07, but dem a flex like James Bond
Dem a watch out mi life through RayBan
You mister pu**y pagan
You need fi get spray wid baygon
You better stop watch mi like you a mi big brother
Just a creep and a sneak mi down like alligator
Mussi Emily Crooks, Doraine Samuel’s dem
A give report like Roy Forester dem

Dem mouth just a live paw mi though
Everyday dem a worry which c**k in a mi hole

Dem mouth just a live paw mi though
Dem just a broadcast like a TV pole

Dem mouth just a live paw mi though
Mi nuh worry bout nothing cause mi brave and bold

Dem mouth just a live paw mi though
Some bwoy need fi get dem tongue under control

(Repeat Chorus)