Popcaan – Money Me A Study Lyrics

And mi nuh care weh you a study
Mi nuh hear weh you a study
Mi a go share weh mi a study
Because a money mi a study
A money mi a study

And every ghetto youths fi happy
Take care a you mommy
Take care a you daddy
A money wi a study
Markus seh a money wi a study

(Verse 1)
Ghetto youth
Study the money like english
2016 wi need help fi bring this
When mi a stock it up Jaziel a mi witness
Life a nuh game but mi in it fi win this
Good life, that every ghetto youth fi know bout
Take care a everybody weh you care bout
Tired a hungry, tripe a tare out
Wi fi have shearer, and shearer

Man just waan live fi si mi mama happy
Height up like Markus and grow mi natty
Versi a nuh war wi a study

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
When some likkle fool a study mi
Mi a study weh the pound dem and the euro be
New Benz man waan, no waan no new buggy
And you too bloodclaat lie if you nuh love money
Weh tha t a go? A money mi waan si
Money mi waan si
And when my phone a ring a nuh man a call mi
Suh study the maths, study the core
Study yo gyal, study the road
Study yo glock, study yo sword
But a one thing mi study anyweh pon the globe

(Repeat Chorus)