Boosie Badazz ft. Young Thug & Lil Durk – Choppers N Gunz Lyrics

(Intro – Young Thug)
Choppers and guns
Don’t play with us ni**a
We killing for fun
I promise to God
I promise to Pablo
You know I’m a nino
My tolerance zero

(Verse 1 – Boosie)
Ni**a snatched from your house
Clutch you on the couch
Ni**a you don’t know my people
Went to war with like 14 people
Drink Codeine like it’s legal
Manny Fresh in the cut all turned up
Used to tell my homeboy slow down
Laughed at me clutching on the four pound
Ni**a bumped his head fore I came home
Me and Five Gang in the Regal
Going to get back at the busters
I told Fat fall back with the jack heads
Fore I came home, ni**a dusted
Now they do it on them buses
Come and get you like buster
All my side women know
Do I still roll with Buster?
I don’t lay down, play around with no ni**a
Track life boss made, I’m a go getter
Still real, still solid, no ho ni**a
You ain’t just heard what happened to them ho ni**as?
Everybody getting shot, ni**as getting stopped
Mommas really outchea losing they sons
Might as well keep it real with them young ni**as
Might as well tell em get guns

(Chorus – Boosie)
Choppers and guns, choppers and guns
Chop-chop-chop-choppers and guns
Choppers and guns, choppers and guns
Choppers and guns, choppers and guns
Oh sh*t man, here we go with them choppers and guns
Choppers and guns, choppers and guns
Hope you got choppers and guns

(Verse 2 – Lil Durk)
I can hear my brother racing whip too
Double homicide on em, s**t we’re taking two
But this ain’t what you want with my breakthrough
Lil ni**a but my heart like I make two
You become an opp, you got chased too
Cracking on the BOAs and the change too
And you tell me Tina murder ain’t make the news
If the devil kill me then I’m killing you
Hood time we dark like my momma’s stress
Keep it on me, macaroni’s how I aim next
And choppers on choppers, rather page Dex
And I only want top, I don’t need sex
And when I seen a brick it was summer of 06
I flooded out the Rollie now I look like the ocean
Police hurry up and I told em I don’t know s**t
I talk a lot of s**t like I got Halitosis
Ni**as be mad, what they be mad at?
B*tches be broke, with they sad ass
I’ma get fast cash
Burking Badass
My bi**h is the baddest, my diamonds the clearest, water
You talking bout robbing me? Is you serious?
Oh yeah-yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Young Thug)
AKs and Tecs on ni**as
They aim at your neck for figures
These hoes know you fake, they know it
You camp and you flex on ni**as
I shoot at em full speed
We shoot from the neck to knees
Draw down with that Tec and bleed
I’m rocking v-neck with V’s (VVS’s)
I pull up with a b*tch and let her riff it real rapid
We live by the codes of the streets, respect your daddy
Gave a half a mil to the jeweler, now I’m cold like attics
You can’t have it, blat, blat, blat
F**k around, get whacked
Thugging, ni**a what?
Send him to the other room
Yeah, next to the moon
When I’m geeked up, bottle shrooms
Smoke his ass like some fumes
Where the

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4 – Boosie)
Ni**as getting smoked at the Exxon
Fore I leave the house, grab the teflon
I look at my ni**a, you outta here
Don’t make me say where you was here
Ni**a looking for you, they don’t ride round
F**k a four boy, I got a five pound
Chief Keef with the sweep, s**t get deeper
Track like Chi-Town
Nine shots, ten shots, we can get down
You can stand up bi**h but you gon sit down
You can man up bi**h and you get miss round
But we and-1 ni**as and commit fouls
Ni**as out the road cause these ni**as rat
Shoulda got him when you seen his name up in black
Yeah I’m real, gun one down for a
Juice wasn’t even no act

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 5 – Boosie)
My ni**a lil Turn in the papers
Heard he own a body in the cape
He looked at me like I’m a G though
This was when he was in three door
To-Lu, he come for his kilos
But he got a bag of them squirters
A bag of money and a big ass heart
It’s about to be capital murder
They swing and they whack you on purpose
They walk by your house like they turtles
You see em, you run, you jump hurdles
You left it at home now you murdered
How the f**k I’m supposed to tell lil daddy chill out
When the ni**a round tryna kill him
They killed his lil cousin and Slim
These boys play above the rim

(Repeat Chorus)

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