Tarrus Riley – Nuh Need To Worry Lyrics

Nough a dem cyaa sleep a night dem a worry and fret
One bag a drinking, a bag a cigarette
But me, naw fret, nuh-nuh, noo!

I nuh need fi worry
A clean life and pure levity

Straight, I nuh need fi worry
No crosses naw follow mi

I don’t need to worry
A my mommy a pray fi mi

Every night I nuh need fi worry
Unuh listen mi
I nuh need fi worry

(Verse 1)
Mi naw go follow none a the trends dem
Naw kill mi self fi the Benz dem
Tell all the ghetto youths pon the ends dem
Don’t bother wid the spenshell dem
If it empty and yo plate full
You cyaa be ungrateful
Stand firm, be faithful
And look in a the mirror and she

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Well everyday dem get up and a merma
Is like dem waan cursha
Mi know seh mi a nuh the worst
I’ve got so much things fi give thanks fa
Going forward, wa mi fi revers fa
Weh you waan mi fi drive in a hearse fa
Who Jah bless, no man curse
And a Jah mi a work fa

(Repeat Chorus)