Busy Signal – Hate That I Love You Lyrics

Shes a bi**h, shes a freak
Shes a liar
Still I feel to ignore
I swear I never love another chick like this
But then I love her some more

I hate that I love you
I do
I hate that I love
Hate the fact that I date a bi**h like you

I hate that I love
I do
Your so disgusting cant believe I’m in-love with you

She woke me up this morning
Everything was feeling right
And then she have to spoil a good thing
I don’t wanna fuss and fight
I take one look into her eyes
I know that’s where my future lies
Somebody tell me love is blind
That’s why I cant see the sign

Baby, your the reason am feeling this way
Girl stop acting shady
Am feeling these changes lately
Still I love her anyway

(Repeat Chorus)