Alkaline – Company Lyrics

All mi want right now a just some company
Nobody fi stress mi, nobody fi call, call, me
Anytime mi horny you can swing the pu**y paw me
Mi waan you company
F**k mi from time to time, but you don’t own me
Mi nuh belong to you baby

Cause all mi want right now a just company
Mi don’t want nobody, just want you body

All mi want yah now a just you company
Mi nuh belong to you baby
Youth mi don’t want you girl
Mi just want some pu**y
Mi want you company

(Verse 1)
Some man nuh waan share dem girl
Wa do dem brother yah
You feel shi just a f**k you alone
You lick you head higher
Look pon the shirt weh mi a wear
Look pon dem leather yah
Look pon mi f**king track records
Look pon dem threader yah
After mi come shi go home you know the regular
Anytime when you f**k around a that mi deh, deh, fah
You all waan see when shi drunk in a mi bed brother
You waan see wa mi gi her weed and it lick her head brother
Or whenever shi vex with you and shi a let out the pressure
Whenever, whenever mi ready fa
Whenever a 3:00 a night when shi text mi pon the cellular
Shi waan mi push back her leg hi nuh
Shi tell mi seh you morn louder than her a nearly dead hi nuh
Shi tell mi every problem hi nuh
F**k her now and then hi nuh
Mi look friend hi nuh
But nothing serious, hey!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi waan somebody weh nuh waan mi
Mi waan somebody to f**k me today, tomorrow
Gyal nuh call mi
Weh mi deh yesterday nuh ask mi
Mi too busy a worry bout mi self and money
1 gyal, and 2 gyal, and 3 and 4
F**k that and still want some more
Regular gyal go and come through the door
Sexy alone nothing more
You feel like you inlove
Mi been there before
Mi go deh last year pon a tour
Seh shi waan feel it bare back mi seh no
Meck another brother breed you

(Repeat Chorus 2X)