Laden – Time Is Now Lyrics

Stephen mi naw wait no more
I know the time is now
Right now the time is now
Seh mi lost it, mi find it now

And every youth keep holding on
One day your time will come
The system a tie wi dung
Time will come

(Verse 1)
Right now a winning time
Suh gwaan go tell the finish line
Haffi go hard fi weh wi want in this time
Wi family fi living fine
Waan mi mother life fi sweet, sweet, sweet
Suh mi a pree the thing deep, deep, deep
Haffi pay the rent in this week
Suh mi hustle hard day and night in these street

Mi a pray and a hope pon that
Tired a the old house wid the roach and rats
Mi a live but mi life fi be more than that
A mi fi a lock the place like a old padlock
Money fi a pile and mi put more pon that
Visa in a mi book and mi a tour pon that
Haffi wave the banner meck you proud Jam Rock
Am very sure of that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Time perilous, people evilous
When you a rise a nuh everybody waan see you buss
Leviticus keep it religious
Waan you bless mi Jah, Jah, continue filled mi cup
Time now fi wi turn the table
Reach fi you goals cause yo goals deh near you
Everybody have the pressure fi bear to
Da song yah people can relate to

All when the time is rough yea
The hill wi a climb it up deh
So why give up?
When the victory wi a go find it up deh
Mi naw chad pon the earth fi lose
One day mi must change mi dirty shoes
From mi life every germs remove
Dem mussi never herd the news

(Repeat Chorus 2X)