Bramma – Trust Who Lyrics

S**k you Mumma bwoy a we a meck it happen
Buy mi own a gun dem if a war the place flatten
Anything fi happen meck it happen, meck it happen
If a jail then a jail, and if a coffin then a coffin

Hey, mi nuh trust dem, trust who?
Bwoy use to spar in a mi first crew
Sell out the don, now the don
Suh mi tek weh him life, mi tell him thank you
Oil up mi gun dem, keep dem shampoo
Condition fi fling a dozen bomb too
Kim call mi and a seh mi lose a damn screw
All the rass mi a kick dem like a kungfu

(Verse 1)
Hey, mi tell you we nuh beg friend
S**k you Mumma mi nuh waan see you again
Why dem start this war without end
Da war yah naw done because a dem kill mi friend
Wait meck mi seh it back again
Da war yah naw done because a dem kill mi friend
Tek a mad drive you know the clip dem extend
And mi naw pardon nobody could a we dem best friend

How can there be peace? War in the street
Man a left dem in a peaces
Man violate all dem peace treaties
F**k the law, mi flush dem like feces
How dem fi itch up pon clack a night time
A chat a night time
Real killer use copper fight crime
Wi a run the road, wi nuh stop a white line
When mi clap up mi bines, bwoy chop up fine, fine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
This a nuh eye fi no eye
This a nuh tooth fi no damn tooth
Anyweh mi see dem yow a shoot mi a shoot
Man a general go tell the sarge and the supt
We have guns in barrage hi nuh youth
Youth, wi nuh tek sorry fa
Drag out the war chariot
And if you buck dem up marrow fi fly like foreigner
Tell my enemy dem seh mi ready fi dem
Yea the ones dem weh still a try
Pray to God seh mi look in a mi killer eye
And tell the pu**y if me go try
Know seh you still a die
Until then try know bwoy skin a fry
It nuh really matter who fa Mumma waan still a cry
Young boss mi seh, naw beg nobody fi no bly
Who fi diss mi nuh see no bwoy, nuh see no guy

(Repeat Chorus)