Laden – Money Mood Lyrics

Money in a the cambio
You know how long mi a plan fi yo

(Verse 1)
Right now mi head a run
And it need fi start walk
Money mi need, mi need it fast, fast
Step in the street seh wa happen side walk
No time fi joke, no time fi sky lark

Waan see the money take off mi dark glass
Si money deh a squelchy pass fast
Meet the cheese naw talk mi dark clarks
From you seh Grands Pen you know a short boss

Am in a money mood
Mi gone pon a money mood
Yeah man a suh mi move
Mi feeling proud mi done build up mommy roof

We waan the money
Spend a couple mill and wi nuh worry
Yes, yes, wi waan the money
Suh me a pree the thing mi nuh hungry

(Verse 2)
When you see me
Nuh ask me how mi a move suh
Mi waan couple Pound, US and Euro
A me a the boss a nuh you Yougo
Mi chain fi a freeze like mi deh a Pluto
No sleep, mi seh mi eye naw lock up
Ten grand bag weh mi buy from Plackup
Money fi deh yah nough till it pile and stock up
Gyal deh yah a lust and a wine and back up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)