Mavado – Big League Lyrics

Is a big league
Yea a the big league
Right now mi a live my life
And you know seh mi life real

Is a big league
Wooy is a big league
Is a big league
From nothing to something
Now wi up in a the big league

(Verse 1)
Right now mi thing up like seven
And dem cyaa see the I drop
Red eye bwoy weh a watch out mi business
Dem need likkle eye drops
Dem a seh the Gaad reach down a yard
And if mi cyaa fly back
Bomboclaat man a laugh after dem
Gully bigger than the pilot
Every ghetto youth know
Wi nuh change how wi grow
We just need likkle doe
Live mi life like a show
All man need a the bing, bing
Successful like a the inthing
Then how the f**k mi fi stop sing
Mi naw stop, then mi move to the acting

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Now am back see the fake dem deh
Point blank mi nuh rate dem deh
Dem cry mi a river in a lake dem deh
Seh dem never do me wrong but a snake dem deh
Castro a weh Chase dem seh
Jamaica waan see mi face deh seh
When you see the Garrison a fi mi place dem deh
Zoom roll out the Jaguar wid the brakes

Tell dem man rich before 30
My millions dirty
When you see the Gully Gaad a travel earthly
Shofer driving no police nuh search mi

(Repeat Chorus 2X)