Beenie Man Says Gully Bop Disrespected Him On Stage

Gully Bop is not a big fan of the King of the Dancehall, Beenie Man. The two deejays buck heads during an appearance at Ninjaman’s birthday bash in St. Ann last weekend.

Around midway Beenie Man’s performance Gully Bop took the stage and asked for the microphone.

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“Beenie Man bye a padlock time now,” Bop told the dancehall icon. The crowd did not responded to that very well and resort to boo the viral dancehall deejay.

Beenie took the mic and scold Gully Bop before leaving the stage.

“Gully Bop a weh you a do, a run you a run me off the stage?” an angry Beenie Man asked. “Gully Bop a 30 years me a do music. You come in this come see me. Me is not your girl, me is not your son, watch yourself.”

A rep for Beenie Man told Urban Islandz that he felt disrespected by Gully Bop and is demanding an apology.

Gully Bop team could not be reached for a comment.


  1. Beenie* spell check

  2. Misunderstanding I think he was tryna play with Bernie man like they r on the same level but beenie man took it as disrespect and showed how he really felt towards him and made him feel embarrassed because he didn’t mean it like that