Shanell – Fraud Lyrics

I am high yeah
Let’s go

When the sun go down, the stars come out
When the sun go down, the sun go down
Put the pu**y on you when the sun go down
Credit card came back fraud
V.I.P. in the club the sun is down
Tipping on em like my Jones coming down
Put that make up on the boy homie the clown
Ohh his…his credit card came back fraud

I’m a big top, baby I’m a boss
All my female dogs they wanna hear you bark
Do you like em from Atlanta, like I’m from New York
If you don’t smoke…Cali we
Them ni**as
Close my eyes and…my head is like to short
I think the worst way, call me fine, take me to court
I ball like Zay on Wednesday when he run for court
You got that D I want that press
If you wanna see me throw it back
I’m a

(Repeat Chorus)