The Game Blast Meek Mill & 50 Cent Social Media Beef

The Game is calling out Meek Mill and 50 Cent calling their beef BS.

If there is any rapper out there with the authorities to speak on rap beef it would be The Game because he has beef with more rappers than you can count.

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The Documentary rapper took to his Instagram to give his piece on the recent beef between the two, as well as, sounding off on how the social media age has taken root in hip hop beef.

This is what The Game wrote on his Instagram page.

“So, this is what it’s come to these days ??? Outside of 2pac & B.I.G. dying because their beef got out of control due to the media blowing it out of proportion & us as people adding fuel to the fire with the whole East Coast/West Coast bulls**t…. Hip hop beefs were healthy & consisted of rap battles between dope M.C.’s like the legendary KRS-One & Busy Bee beef, the Nas & Jay-Z beef, The Real Roxanne & Roxanne Shante beef, the Ice Cube & N.W.A. Beef, Bone Thugs & The Dogg Pound beef, G-Unit & Murder Inc, sh*t even me & 50’s beef & the list goes on…. Back when your whole neighborhood & city got behind you & supported you….. But now, so much of this bulls**t going around, it’s even hard for me not to get s*cked into this social media way of beefing…. & even though some of these memes be funny as f***….. Why do they determine who won a rap beef ??? WTF happened to REAL hip hop & the classic way of handling rap feuds.”

Meek Mill hit the pause button on his beef with 50 Cent on Monday to bring awareness to the water problems in Flint, Michigan calling on his nemesis and other rappers to match his $50,000 donation.

“I got 50k to donate to waters,” Meek wrote on IG. “Let’s see if we can have @50cent match me! I’m pretty sure “flint” supported us! Serious post contact …. Roc nation will purchase for me and ship! Not even just him all entertainers! I ain’t got the tine posting memes and sh*t.”